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Kennyc's Cloud Family Page
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Harvey & Hadley data included
Ken,Everett,Elva Cloud
GGparents-Annie & James Harvey
Updated 8 January 2013
This COULD be the last update of this site?

I have been working on this data for several years. Originally I only used my direct lines when I setup my first web site. As time passed other Cloud researchers began sending me data on theirs and other Cloud lines. If their data appeared reasonably accurate, I would include it in the sites data. There are now some 20,000 individuals in the database, with many lines leading back to our earliest Clouds, and others I cannot connect to any Cloud line. I can only vouch for the data in my direct line; all other data should be considered questionable. If you have additional information you would like to have included here, or corrections that need to be made, please use the CONTACT link to the left of this page.

Cloud DNA Project
The Cloud Family Association has launched one of its most important genealogical projects to date. Our goals remain the same;and we have had about 40 folks submit their dna for our use, we still have many Cloud lines we have not touched. So if you are a Cloud male, please consider submitting your dna to us. Our goals are as follows:
(1) identify genetic matches among Cloud families living in various locations in the USA and other countries.
(2) prove or disprove theories regarding Cloud ancestors.
(3) penetrate brick walls in our research.
(4) validate the research of various branches of the Cloud family.
You are not required to be a member of the Cloud Family Association to participate in this project. It is open to all who have connection to the Cloud surname. For more information about the project go to:

Cloud Family Journal CD
The completion of a new updated CD which includes four additional years of Journals
(Vol. I through Vol. XXV) AND the Pott's book on Clouds and is now available from the CFA thru Linda Boose, see address below. 

Price is $30 + $3 shipping.
Cloud Family Association
This site is not an official Cloud Family Association (CFA) site.  I am a member of the CFA and do try to promote the association whenever I can. 

If you would like more information concerning the CFA, please write or email:
508 Crestwood Dr.
Eastland, TX 76448
Email:  lboose@classicnet.net

Dues are $25 per year which gets you the quarterly "Cloud Family Journal" and other interesting leads and access to Cloud data.   There is a National Cloud Family Gathering every other year.  The association celebrated it's 25th anniversary in 2003.


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